Terms & COnditions


Please note that prices are subject to change without prior notice.
All of the prices on our various pricelists, excludes VAT.


The prices shown on our moulding price lists are shown per meter.
The columns on the price lists and can be interpreted as follows:

  • Base Price (From 0.1 meters to 49.9 meters)
  • 50 Meters + Price (50 meters and more)
  • Base Width (The width of the base of the moulding in millimetres)
  • Chop Price (The price per meter should you order cut & join)
  • Chop Waste (This is the offcut price should you order cut & join)

Moulding lengths:
Finished Wood, Natural & Hardwood mouldings: Lengths vary between 2.4 meters and 3.1 meters.
Synthetic Mouldings: All lengths are 2.9 meters in length.

Minimum Moulding Order Quantity: 1 Length


The prices on the Matboard pricelist are shown per sheet.
We have 4 main ranges of matboards:

  • Peterboro Hampton (White Core) – Class 3 FATG
  • Peterboro White Core (White Core) – Class 3 FATG
  • Peterboro Black Core – Class 3 FATG
  • Peterboro Conservation – Class 2 FATG
  • Peterboro Museum – Class 1 FATG
    *FATG – Fine Art Trade Guild UK

We have 2 main ranges in Foam Core:

  • Regular Foam Core
  • Archival Foam Core

The columns on the pricelist can be interpreted as follows:

  • Size (The outer size , length and width of the Matboard)
  • Price (This is the price for a single sheet)
  • Box 25+ (This is the price per sheet, should you order a box (25 sheets) or more)
  • Available Sizes (Indicates in which sizes the specific code/colour can be purchased)


We delivery locally (Gauteng & Cape Town), with our own fleet of delivery vehicles.

Local Deliveries will be charged at the current standard delivery fee.

Should you order just 1 unit of a single product or a single length, a surcharge of R 40.00 will apply on delivery. Adding just 1 unit of any other/same product will remove the surcharge from the invoice.


Products are safely packaged for courier delivery and then dispatched to the courier company.

You can send your own courier for collection, or you can request that we book a collection for you at the courier company currently being used by us. Should you choose the latter, the courier price is quoted before a courier is booked. Once the order has been dispatched, we have no control, neither do we take any responsibility for the delivery delays and/or damage caused to the products during transit.

Due to major damages pertaining to the delivery of packaged matboards, the minimum matboard order must be 5 boards or more. This increases the stability of the packaging for the matboards, allowing for less damaged boards when they are being couriered. Matboards orders less than 5 will be subject to a boxing charge of R40.


Colour Variations:
Although we try our best to finish our wooden mouldings to the exact colour of the original sample, acceptable colour variations does occur from one batch to another.

On our synthetic mouldings, acceptable colour variations also occur from time to time. This is due to the specific foil that is being used on the profile. Should the foil supplier no longer supply the exact foil needed, an acceptable alternative is chosen.

Profile Variations:
Due to the nature of natural wood and the minor variations in profile cutters after sharpening, acceptable levels of profile variances does sometimes occur. We try our very best to ensure that these variations does not get out of control.


NATURAL WOOD MOULDINGS are machined from raw kiln dried planks imported from different countries around the world. Inherent to the natural nature of any wood there are always some degree of natural blue stain, pin holes, knots, colour variation and small flaws present.

Any moulding ordered as a NATURAL MOULDING has NOT been sanded, stained or manipulated in any way whatsoever by Serame Mouldings.

When a framer orders a NATURAL MOULDING it is assumed that they will sand, stain or paint the frame afterwards or else a finished moulding would have been ordered.

When our factory finishes mouldings we have different ways of hiding small flaws or holes to prepare a moulding for stain or paint. There is almost never a moulding that is perfect and ready for finishing, and there is always some degree of sanding and prepping that takes place.

To read more about natural wood mouldings, click HERE


All Kiaat and other hardwood profiles will be graded to a PRIME or REGULAR.

PRIME Kiaat will be selected from the top 15% of a run at a premium price, and will only be available while stocks last.

REGULAR Kiaat will be supplied with all the various colours, knots and flaws inherent to Kiaat. The blonde streaks will be stained.
Please communicate to your customer the intricacy of Kiaat wood and the variance in colour to avoid disappointment.


Serame Mouldings Pty Ltd is a registered ISPM 15 HT (Heat Treatment) fumigator. (ZA – S80 HT)

Before our raw wood (WAWA Only) enters our factory, we heat treat every single plank according to ISPM15 standards.

Each fumigation batch has got detailed reports and fumigation certificates. Should you require an ISPM15 HT fumigation certificate, please get in touch with us.

In the unfortunate event that insects are found in our mouldings, we limit our liability to replacing only the damaged moulding, purchased within 6 months of claim.


Serame Mouldings can finish any wooden moulding to any colour that you require on special order.
Special orders have a minimum order quantity of 60 meters and a surcharge fee applies.



The stock shown on the website is automatically updated from our warehouses once every hour.


Orders can be placed though the website, or through any of our other sales channels.


As a responsible supplier we cannot deplete our stock with one large unplanned order. Please phone to inquire regarding any large order to avoid disappointment.


Should any products not fulfil your expectation, please return it in its original condition.

No credit will be passed for cut lengths, damaged moulding or cut boards.

It remains the responsibility of the customer to ensure that the products received from Serame Mouldings are the correct products ordered, before cutting.

Although we do rigorous quality control on all of our products, mistakes do happen. Defective or damaged products has to be returned within 48 hours in its original uncut/unused condition.

A 15 % handling fee will be levied on all cancelled orders that was invoiced and delivered.


Moulding Corner Samples

Corner samples of any moulding is made on order for qualifying customers. Should you require a specific sample, please order the sample from any of our sales channels. 

Matboard Samples

Matboard sample sets, as well as the Matboard cradle are available free of charge on request for qualifying customers. Please note that these sets are ordered in from Peterboro Matboards and might be out of stock from time to time.


We offer a cut & join service where any moulding in our range can be chosen. The mouldings are cut and joined to the specified size. 2mm is added to the given size to allow for fitting. Should you require the exact size, please specify as such. It takes 3 days from receipt of order to complete the job. Delivery takes place on the 4th day.

Calculating the Cut & Join Price:
(Glass Size (x+x+y+y)  * CHOP Price) + CHOP WASTE + Joining Fee (See below)

Joining Fee:
Any side smaller than 1 Meter -> R 75
Any side larger than 1 Meter -> R 150

Cut & Join frames will include a boxing charge should you require it couriered. Normal deliveries will not include a boxing charge.


For all COD orders, proof of payment must be handed to driver upon delivery of products.
No deliveries or collections can take place for any customer whose account is overdue.
All products remain the property of Serame Mouldings (Pty) Ltd until full payment has been received.


Monday – Thursday: 08:00 – 17:00
Friday: 08:00 – 16:00
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays – Closed

Website orders are open 24 hours, 7 days a week. You can check stock and place an order online any time of the week. www.serame.co.za
WhatsApp Line Orders:
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*Subject to change at any time without notice