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rigid graphic boards | FLATBED printer media suBSTRATE | 3MM & 5MM

High Density, Light Weight Foam Board

The unique cellular structure and smooth polished surface of our polyurethane foam core boards makes them an ideal choice for specialized printers, signage makers and also an ideal material for architectural models. Mainly used for signage, billboards, displays, picture framing lining, picture framing floating and many more. 

Sheet Sizes:

3MM - 81.3cm x 101.6cm - 101.6cm x 152.4cm - 122cm x 244cm

5MM - 81.3cm x 101.6cm - 101.6cm x 152.4cm - 122cm x 244cm


  • Picture Frame Mounting
  • Decoration
  • Modeling
  • Hanging Signs
  • Front Of Shop Applications


  • Lightweight, smooth white surface
  • High Density
  • Easy To Cut. (By hand or by machine)
  • High print colour quality. (High board whiteness)
  • Laminate with ease
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