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Artglass AR 99 – Conservation Glass -Anti Reflective & UV Block Glass

Artglass AR 99 combines the highest possible UV protection with the ultimate transparency. This means that your artwork and memorabilia are not only flawlessly showcased, but also protected according to the highest quality standards. We recommend this conservation grade product for framing jobs that require the maximum UV protection combined with the ultimate transparency

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Artglass™ absorptive UV coating protects artworks from all angles of UV light and the risk of UV damage is nearly impossible.

Only conservation-grade UV protection of over 97% meets the conservation standards of ISO 18902 and is in accordance to Fine Art Trade Guild and Professional Picture Framers Association.

Artglass™ is coated with a special anti-reflective coating offering the supreme clarity, preserving the true color, texture and beauty of the framed artwork. Artglass™ offers a neutral reflection color from all angles.

Artglass™ has no surface distortion or any other unwanted interference.

Artglass™ products provide absolute clarity and have no ripple effect or any other visual interference.

Artglass™ products are reliable and have a long lifetime.

Optical properties


Artglass AR 99

(Johannesburg Only)

Artglass AR 70

Artglass AR 92

Visible Light Transmittance (380-780nm, according to EN410)

≥ 96,5 %

≥ 98,3 %

≥ 98,0 %

Visible Light Reflection at 8˚ angle (380-780nm, according to EN410)

≤ 1,0 %

≤ 1,0 %

≤ 1,2 %

UV-light transmission (280-380nm, according to EN410)

~ 1 %

(99% UV protection)

< 30 %

(> 70% UV protection)

~ 8 %

(92 % UV protection

Coated sides




Reflection Color (see graphs below)


Green / Blue


Glass Substrate Type


Low Iron

Low Iron

Glass substrate Thickness, mm




Mechanical and chemical properties

Artglass AR 70, Artglass AR 92, Artglass UV 99, Artglass AR 99 and Artglass AR 99 Protect are manufactured to comply with ISO 1096-2 Class A and ISO 18916 – passing Photographic Activity test.

Artglass AR 99 and Artglass UV 99 also meets ISO 18902 by providing atleast 97 % UV protection. The 99% conservation-level UV block is certified by National Physical Laboratory in UK according to EN 410.

UV protection explained

Ultra violet light is invisible and lies between 280 and 380 nanometres on the electromagnetic spectrum.

The percentage of UV Block as stipulated per specified product is the percentage of only ultraviolet light that is blocked.

Normal visible light lies between 380 and 780 nanometres. This is the light we see during the day. UV coated glass does not protect against this. If a customer uses UV Block glass and exposes the artwork to visible light, it offers no protection. It is important for a customer to understand that hanging an artwork with any UV coated glass in visible sunlight will offer no protection!

Make sure you understand reflection = the objects reflected like a mirror. A mirror has 100 % reflection, float glass 8 % and AR 70 1 %. There is not NO reflection.

Light transmission is the light that ends up on the artwork. The higher the transmission the clearer the artwork.


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