Why choose Peterboro matboards?

For every level of matboard quality, Peterboro has an extensive product offering. From our 100% cotton Museum board down through to the basic whitecore, Peterboro provides framers the matboard selection they require to remain competitive in today’s market.

The Ranges

CLASS 3 PPFA & Commended Level FATG

Hampton Matboards has been developed from 100 years of Matboard experience and expertise. This understanding has allowed us to provide products specially designed for high-volume users at prices that remain globally competitive.


CLASS 3 PPFA & Commended Level FATG

White Core is a high quality mat designed for framers who want the impact of a bright white bevel that will not discolour but do not require the qualities or price of conservation matboard. With a range of over 220 references in colour, size, texture and designer finishes, PETEBORO WHITE CORE will help you meet all your designing challenges.

What makes PETERBORO WHITE CORE different?

It has a unique construction with each component buffered to a pH of 8.2 +/-0.5% and containing a minimum 3% reserve of calcium carbonate to provide years of stability.

The Surface Paper

On over 85% of our Whitecore references we use the same Conservation grade surface paper found in our conservation line. The surface paper is buffered and lignin free. It has a high strength quality to minimize surface tearing during cutting.


Our core is pure white and has been buffered against acids to ensure bright white bevels and v groves for years to come. Our specially designed fibre morphology and density specifications means Peterboro Whitecore cuts cleaner and results in smoother bevels.

Backing Paper

We are the only company to use high quality conservation backing paper on all our white core. Our tensile profile keeps the boards flat and resists tearing while cutting.


Our WHITE CORE line has one of the highest specifications in the market. The result is a superior mat that will stand the test of time, resisting the effects of acid degradation and remaining bright.


CLASS 3 PPFA & Commended Level FATG

Peterboro Black Core mats are designed with a deep, rich, black core. At times when a white bevel is distracting, Peterboro Black Core allows the viewer’s eye to focus on the art and not the bright bevel. Black Core mats may also be used to give an extra element of design without the use of a second mat and are especially effective when v-grooves are used.

Our Black Core mats are made with a buffered surface paper, a black core with a proprietary retention chemistry to minimize rub off. Dark Grey, non transferring conservation grade backing paper is used to provide a seamless visual appearance.

They are ideally suited to Black and White Photography, Prints, Awards, Memorabilia or any other art that is enhanced by a dark accent line.

Peterboro Black Core mats come in 31 references 32 x 40 (812 x 1016mm) and 7 oversize colours 40 x 60 (1016mm x 1524mm). All boards are approximately .052 (1.3mm) thick.


CLASS 2 PPFA & Conservation Level FATG

Peterboro Conservation is truly our flagship product and represents the best value in conservation matboards.


1. The Core
We use high grade virgin Alpha Cellulose as the main ingredient in our conservation core. Alpha Cellulose can be distilled from cotton or wood, the higher the Alpha Cellulose content the higher the purity of the board. We specify that PETERBORO CONSERVATION core must have more than 90% Alpha Cellulose, industry specifications call for no less then 84 %.

2. Chemical Ingredients
The conservation quality of a mat can often be affected by the chemical impurities within its materials. For instance the level of iron and copper within the matboard can create tarnishing and discoloration of the mat while the sulphur content can raise acidic levels that attack both mat and artwork. In the manufacture of PETERBORO CONSERVATION we strictly control the level of chemical ingredients to ensure that they meet or exceed the PPFA and Fine Art Trade Guild standards for chemical composition.

3. Surface Paper
To reduce color fade and bleed PETERBORO CONSERVATION uses pigments for surface paper coloration. Our pigments are specified to meet or exceed the fade and bleed test requirements outlined by the Fine Art Trade Guild and PPFA standards. Independent testing shows that PETERBORO CONSERVATION exceeds these requirements.

4. Backing Paper
Our backing paper is 100 % virgin fiber, buffered with calcium carbonate at a 3% minimum reserve, no optical brighteners, and a smooth finish with even coloration. Our backing paper meets or exceeds the standards as set out by both the PPFA and the Fine Art Trade Guild.

5. Quality
Independent QC benchmarking shows that PETERBORO CONSERVATON has one of the highest standards of consistent quality in the market.

What does this testing and analysis mean to the framer?

It means that if you are using Peterboro Conservation matboard to frame valuable art you can be sure the product will perform to the high standards our industry expects of a conservation grade matboard.

The conclusion:

Peterboro conservation is a conservation mat that delivers some of the highest quality standards in the market.


CLASS 1 PPFA & Museum Level FATG

Cotton’s Place in History

Cotton Conservation

While cotton’s history dates back more than 7000 years, it was the French who began to use cotton extensively during the 12th century. French museums display works on cotton dating as far back as the 1100’s. Today, documents of historical significance and fine art prints are produced on paper made from natural cotton fiber. Pure cotton in its natural form has been unquestionably proven through the ages.

Peterboro Museum Core

Peterboro’s newest line of conservation matboards is based on the legacy of cotton. This premium conservation matboard offers unsurpassed quality, permanence and value. It has been designed for framers and conservators who insist on the centuries of proven protection that only cotton can provide.


This specially designed matboard has been uniquely constructed using only the finest materials. Peterboro Museum Core meets or exceeds all international standards for conservation matboards which provides framers and their clients peace of mind.


  • 100% Virgin cotton rag core and backing
  • Pigmented conservation quality surface papers
  • Bleed and fade resistant throughout
  • Buffered with calcium carbonate
  • Consistent core and fibre density resulting in smooth, clean bevels
  • Cotton is naturally acid and lignin-free
  • Cotton core & backing is 100% renewable and green friendly

Class 1

Museum Level

Class 2

Conservation Level

Class 3

Commended level

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